Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – BTC Prices Crash Lower
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The BTC prices crashed lower on fears of regulatory action in Japan

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BTC Prices Below $10,000

The reason for the drop, presumably, was due to reports that the Japanese authorities would look to crack the whip on some of the crypto exchanges operating there that did not conform with the standards. Japan is one of the main countries as far as crypto trading volume is concerned and it is also a place where crypto is recognised as legal tender and though this action is not surprising and is basically inline with what the regulators are supposed to do, the fact that this happened at a time when the market was already weak has made the fall larger. This has removed the confidence that has been building among the investors and it now remains to be seen how the BTC prices would recover.

Bitcoin 4H
Bitcoin 4H

The ETH prices have also dropped lower and they now trade below the $75 region as of this writing and the prices continue to look weak. It is not as though the ETH market needed any signal to fall further as it had been weak for quite sometime now.


Looking ahead to the rest of the day, the BTC prices trade just above a strong support region and a clean break of the $9600 region is likely to lead to another fall towards the $9000 region in due course of time. The ETH prices are also expected to continue to trade in a weak manner.

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